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Does Middle East really need nuclear power?

As Iran’s nuclear program inches closer to international acceptance, a number of countries — Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, Algeria and Egypt — are in various stages of planning the construction of nuclear power reactors. The most ambitious among these is Saudi Arabia, from which many in the nuclear industry are hopeful of profiting...Read more

Can SMRs Rescue Jordan’s Nuclear Program?

Ask anyone in the Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) why Jordan should invest in nuclear power, and you will be given a lecture on the need to achieve “energy security.” And, of course, the JAEC argues that nuclear power could give Jordan what it terms “energy security.”  ...Read more

A Win-Win Solution for Iran's Arak Reactor

The Arak reactor, which has been under construction for years, is one of the key issues at the center of the ongoing negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 group on a “comprehensive solution that would ensure Iran’s nuclear programme will be exclusively peaceful.” Negotiators from the P5+1 states and Iran will meet for a third round of talks in Vienna on April 7-9.  ...Read more