Publications by Year: 2014

{Hartman}, J  D, D {Bayliss}, R {Brahm}, G  Á {Bakos}, L {Mancini}, A {Jordán}, K {Penev}, et al.{HATS-6b: A Warm Saturn Transiting an Early M Dwarf Star, and a Set of Empirical Relations for Characterizing K and M Dwarf Planet Hosts}.” ArXiv e-prints (2014).
My Double Titled Article.” Journal of Applied Physics 2, no. 3 (2014): 90-92.Abstract

Double titles when author is not entered.

{de Val-Borro}, M, M {Karovska}, and D  D {Sasselov}. “{Investigating mass transfer in symbiotic systems with hydrodynamic simulations}.” In American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts \#224, 224:#219.15, 2014, 224, #219.15.
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