Data & Materials

One of my major contributions as a scholar has been to procure administrative data that contributes to empirical work on conflict. This page lists a number of the data resources I have developed by working with U.S and foreign government officials and through their respective freedom of information processes to find ways to bring previously-unavailable data resources to the scholarly community. All data listed on this page will eventually be made public.

Afghanistan War Materials
Afghanistan SIGACTs (July 2002 - January 2015)
Dataset of approximately 500,000 georeferenced observations of attacks carried against ISAF and Afghan government security forces and other significant activities during the ongoing Afghanistan War (w/ Wright, A.).

Iraq War Materials
Iraq SIGACTs (Dec 2003 - Dec 2011)
Dataset of approximately 250,000 georeferenced observations of attacks carried out against Coalition and Iraqi government forces and other significant activities during the Iraq War. Data sample is available here.

Cache Discoveries (Dec 2003 - Dec 2011)
Dataset of approximately 20,000 individual georeferenced incidents of the discovery of weapons caches during the Iraq war. 

"Tips" (2007 - 2008)
Dataset of weekly good quality "tips" received from citizen informants during the Iraq war for each of Iraq's provinces.

"Tips" Hotline Calls (2006 - 2009)
Dataset of daily calls placed to an insurgency “tips” hotline, categorized by type, for part of the Iraq war.

Electricity production in Iraq (2006 - 2009)
Dataset of daily electricity production for each of Iraq's provinces.

The Production of Iraqi Natural Resources
(2003 - 2011)
Dataset of daily, plant-level data on the production of crude oil, liquified petroleum gas, benzene, gas oil, and kerosene throughout the Iraq war.

Baghdad Civilian Attitudes (2004 - 2009)
Dataset of responses from more than 175,000 Baghdad citizens domiciled across 467 survey blocks within the city's ten mahalas (neighborhoods) collected by a local survey firm during most months over a five-year period during the Iraq War (w/ Shapiro, J.).

Terrain Materials
Precise geo-referenced data on terrain ruggedness and land cover globally. This data is introduced through:
Shaver, A., Carter, D., & Shawa, T.  "Terrain Ruggedness and Land Cover: Improved Data for All Research Designs." Forthcoming at Conflict Management and Peace Science (2016).
A variety of scholars, including Fearon and Laitin (2003), have used Gerrard's data on mountains in their research on terrain. Yet, the article corresponding to this data has not been publicly available. The paper can now be retrieved here
Gerrard, Anthony John W. "What is a mountain?" The World Bank Development Research Group (2000). Print.