How to Tell on Yourself: Strategies for Autobiographical Storytelling
Every life delivers a story (or three) worth telling well. This interactive workshop rehearses several simple techniques designed to develop the necessary (yet appropriate) dramatic structure for the often "raw" material drawn from our own lived experience. A series of brief writing exercises will guide each participant, first, to discern a generative starting point for their story; next, to clarify an apt point of view for that story; and, finally, to evince a genuine urgency for its telling.
Vanquish the Anguish of Academic Writing

This interactive session engages the myriad ways that emotions (especially fear, pride and anxiety) inform the compositional work of the academic writer. Participants will rehearse a repertoire of simple creative writing techniques, exploring how such tools might be productively applied to the process (and pitfalls) of academic writing. Likely topics include the panic of the blank page; the perils of jargon; the challenge of sustaining momentum; and encountering crises of authorial confidence.

Academic Performance

This performance workshop is designed specifically for early career academics encountering some measure of "stage fright" or "performance anxiety" around essential academic performances like job talks, conference presentations, and thesis/dissertation/exam defenses. After introducing several simple techniques borrowed from actor and voice training, this workshop rehearses how such performance techniques might also be applicable to high-pressure moments of academic performance. All workshop participants should plan to wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

Being an Artist-Scholar: Seeking Balance in Academic Life
This workshop is designed specifically for artist-scholars working within the academy. Introducing simple journaling and time management strategies, this workshop rehearses techniques for sustaining sound writing strategies, maintaining simultaneous projects, and cultivating sensible work habits. Though especially suited for artist-scholars in academia, it it also suitable for all early career academics interested in developing strategies for long-term creative health and happiness within an academic degree program, during the job search, along the tenure track and beyond.
Instant Story Workshop

Every life delivers a story (or three) worth telling well. This bootcamp-style session will guide both experienced and novice storytellers through an intensive development process designed to remake even simple anecdotes into compelling stories for performance. In this three-hour intensive, each participant will first identify a story to tell, then develop that story in close collaboration with other workshop participants, and finally perform a 3-minute version of that story as part of a story event staged by workshop contributors.