At Princeton, I have enjoyed leading discussion sections ("precepts") for courses in both comparative politics and international relations. In 2017, I received the Politics Department's George Kateb Teaching Award.


POL 351: The Politics of Development
Professor Jennifer Widner
Fall 2016
Overall Evaluation: 4.8/5.0
Student Comments:

"Sharan was one of the best preceptors I have ever had. He knows the material and speaks in an engaging manner that is easy to understand. He was also very helpful outside of class."

"Sharan is an excellent preceptor. He was available whenever we needed to talk to him, he was engaging, he knew what he was talking about, and I genuinely enjoyed the discussions he facilitated."

"Precept was great! I think that Sharan did a wonderful job with breaking down the readings to help us understand and also fostering interesting discussion around the topics we were learning."

"I thought that Sharan was an excellent preceptor. He engaged with us really thoughtfully and always responded positively to our comments, which definitely encouraged me to participate. He presented the material in an extremely clear way and gave great feedback on the papers."


POL 380: Human Rights
Professor Gary Bass
Spring 2016
Overall Evaluation: 4.8/5.0
Student Comments:

"Sharan was an incredible preceptor - he synthesized the lecture material in stimulating 50-minute sessions and always got us thinking. He was so helpful and you could always tell that his primary concern was our learning. Couldn't have asked for better."

"I absolutely loved precept! Sharan was fantastic; he really stimulated the conversations and challenged me to think about the human rights debate from all different angles. So glad I got Sharan as a preceptor!"

"Wonderful preceptor who encouraged everyone to share their opinions, was never condescending, and never dominated the conversation in class. He was extremely willing to meet outside of class and is just an awesome, kind person."

"Sharan always went above and beyond to help students. He contributed greatly to my learning in the course and he helped to clarify course materials and encouraged student participation. I had a difficult time speaking in class and he helped me greatly by contacting me through emails and always being willing to accommodate any student in any way that he could."