Oleg Itskhoki
Associate Professor of Economics and International Affairs
Department of Economics and Woodrow Wilson School

Richard Allen Lester University Preceptor, 2013-2016
Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow, 2015-2017

International Economics Section, Affiliate
NBER, Faculty Research Fellow [EFG IFM ITI ME]
CEPR, Research Affiliate

Harvard University, PhD 2009
New Economic School, MA 2004
Moscow State University, BA 2003

Research interests:
Macroeconomics and International Economics

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Contact Information
Princeton University
Department of Economics
306 Fisher Hall
Princeton NJ 08544
t: +1 (609) 258-5493
f: +1 (609) 258-6419
e: itskhoki@princeton.edu

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July 2015: New draft of "Optimal Development Policies with Financial Frictions"
May-June 2015: Visiting Science Po (Paris)
April 2015: New draft of "Trade and Inequality: From Theory to Estimation"
April 2015: New paper on "...Strategic Complementarities"
April 2015: Discussion of Gopinath et al. "Capital Allocation and Productivity in South Europe"
Feb 2015: Sloan Research Fellowship 2015
Sep 2014: IMF’s Finance & Development's 25 Economists under 45
Sep 2014: addendum "Fiscal Devaluations in a Model with Capital"
July 2014: New paper "Firms, Trade and Labor Market Dynamics"
July 2014: "Importers, Exporters and Exchange Rate Disconnect" came out in the AER
April 2014: "Fiscal Devaluations" came out in the RESTUD