Work in Progress


1. Who Fights for Reputation? Leaders, Resolve, and the Use of Force ( Book Manuscript is Under Review)

2. Dilemmas of Reassurance in World Politics ( Data collection phase) 


“Democratic Leaders, Crises and War: Paired Experiments on The Israeli Knesset and Public," with Jonathan Renshon and Josh Kertzer. (Under Review)

"Tying Hands, Sinking Costs and Leader Attributes," with Josh Kertzer and Jonathan Renshon. (Under Review)

“Democratic Peace and Covert Military Force: An Experimental Test,” with Allison Carnegie and Josh Kertzer.

“How Do Observers Assess Resolve?” ,with Josh Kertzer and Jonathan Renshon.

“How Does Public Opinion Affect Foreign Policy: Evidence from Experiments on the Israeli Knesset and Public,” with Mike Tomz and Jessica Weeks.

“Can You Keep a Secret? Reputation and Secret Diplomacy in International Politics,” with George Yin.

“The Political Cost of Territorial Concessions: Dictators, Reputation, and Coups,” with David Carter and John Chin.