Professional Preparation

Yale University Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Studies Ph.D. 1989
Yale University Biogeochemistry and Ecosystem Studies M.S. 1986
Cornell University Biology B.S. 1983


2001- present Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Princeton University
1997-2001 Associate Professor, Section of Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University
1994-1997 Assistant Professor, Section of Ecology and Systematics, Cornell University
1990-1994 Assistant Professor, W. K. Kellogg Biological Station, Michigan State University
1992-1994 Adjunct Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, Michigan State University

Professional Activities

Member of Editorial Board , Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution and Systemics, 2005-2008.
Member, Governing Council of the Ecological Society of America. 2004-2006.
Member of Editorial Board , Faculty 1000. 2005-2007
Chair and Co-Founder , Biogeosciences section of the Ecological Society of America, 2003-2006.
Co-Organizer, international conference on “Resiliency and Change in Ecological Systems”, Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico, October 2003.
Chair and Lead Author, “Linking Ecological Biology and Geoscience: Challenges for Terrestrial Environmental Science,” White Paper Report Invited by the National Science Foundation. (In response to this report, the NSF has now established a new funding program in “Biogeosciences.”) August, 2002.
Invited Member of High Panel, The Stockholm Water Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden, August 2002.
Panel Member, National Science Foundation, Biocomplexity Evaluation Panel, Division of Earth Sciences, Washington DC, May, 2002
Testified to National Research Council/National Academy of Sciences Panel on the Geologic Record of Biosphere Dynamics Committee, Washington, DC. June 2002.
Chair and Lead Author, White Paper Report Invited by the National Science Foundation on “Linking Ecological Biology and Geoscience”, 2001.
Participant, North American Carbon Program Workshop, Boulder, CO., Sept. 2001
International Field Course Taught in Hawaiian Islands, Two-week field course on Tropical Ecosystems in the Hawaiian Islands for 15 international students (with P.M. Vitousek and O.A. Chadwick, sponsored by the A.W. Mellon Foundation and Organization For Tropical Studies), August 2001
Chair and Lead Author, Committee Report to the Provost on the Future of Environmental Biology at Cornell University, February-August 2001, Ithaca, NY.
Organizer and Chair, Workshop sponsored by the National Science Foundation, Division of Earth Sciences, on “Linking Ecological Biology and Geosciences,” August 2001, Madison, WI.
Member of Steering Group and/or Associate Director, NSF-sponsored Training Program in Biogeochemistry and Environmental Change, Cornell University.
Member of Steering Group and One of Three Founders, Cornell Laboratory for Stable Isotope Analysis, Facility for research and student training in state-of-the-art stable isotope techniques.
Invited Keynote Speaker and Participant, Joint 7th Stockholm Water Symposium and 3rd International conference on the Environmental Management of Enclosed Seas (EMECS), Stockholm, Sweden. This meeting brought together over 1,500 persons from developed and developing countries, with the aim knowledge transfer between different social and scientific communities.