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Brattle Group Distinguished Paper Prize

The paper "Maturity Rat Race" (with Martin Oehmke) won the Brattle Group distinguished paper prize for one of the best corporate finance papers published in the Journal of Finance 2013.

Financial Dominance

Lecture on "Financial Dominance" during the Deutsche Bank Prize Ceremony for Raghu Rajan in Frankfurt on Sept 26th, 2013.  See video and slides.

Princeton Initiative: Macro, Money and Finance 2013

Following the Princeton tradition of incorporating financial frictions in macroeconomic models - scholars like Ben Bernanke come to mind - this camp tries to bring top 2nd year Ph.D. students from all leading departments together who want to write a Ph.D. thesis at the intersections between Macro, Monetary Economics and Finance.

Link with VideosBackground Reading.

FAZ: Geldtheorie im Teufelskreis

This German newspaper article highlights the interactions between financial stability, price stability and fiscal debt sustainability.

The Euro Crisis: Teaching Timing Games

Presentation slides for a game theory class on the Euro Crisis focused on war of attrition games.

Jackson Hole Symposium

The paper I presented at the 2012 Jackson Hole Symposium hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas is available here.  It is a joint work with Yuliy Sannikov and is titled "Redistributive Monetary Policy."

A Brief History of Macroeconomics

A presentation on the history of macroeconomics is available here.

JRC Conference on the Euro Crisis

The conference agenda can be found here.

The Future of Europe

A video of my lecture at the Institute for New Economic Thinking's (INET) Paradigm Lost Conference in Berlin is available here.

Macroeconomics with Financial Frictions

The survey on Macroeconomics with Financial Frictions has been updated here.