I am currently a research scholar in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Princeton University. Prior to joining Princeton, I was a post-doctoral scientist in Davidson Laboratory at Stevens Institute of Technology. I have earned a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, a master's degree in Civil-Water Resources Engineering, and a PhD degree in Computational Hydro-Science.

My research interests focus on hydrodynamics and sediment transport in riverine, estuarine, and coastal systems. For example, one main aspect of my research is specifically focused on developing and improving computational models of water circulation, storm surge, and wave to study physical processes in estuaries and coastal waters, flooding, and surface waves. In addition to research in my discipline, I am interested in multi/interdisciplinary studies that bring together researchers from different fields. One interesting example is interactions between the physical, chemical, and biological processes in estuaries and coastal waters.

I enjoy teaching introductory and advanced topics in Water Resources Engineering, River and Coastal Engineering, and Physical Oceanography. My teaching interests include both undergraduate-level courses, such as Fluid Mechanics, Open Channel Flow, and Introduction to Coastal Engineering, and graduate-level courses, such as Advanced Fluid Dynamics, Physical Processes in Estuaries and Coastal Systems, Computational River Dynamics, Sediment Transport, and Urban Oceanography. I am also strongly committed to mentoring and advising undergraduate and graduate students and to effectively contribute to student growth and development.

For more information on my professional activities, please visit other pages of this website and contact me as well.