Merlyna Lim is  Visiting Research Scholar at Princeton University’s Center for Information Technology Policy and Distinguished Scholar of Technology and Public Engagement in the Consortium of Science, Policy and Outcomes, with  a joint appointment in the School of Social Transformation - Justice and Social Inquiry Program  at Arizona State University. Lim is also Director of Participatory Media Lab at ASU.

Lim completed her Ph.D. in Science & Technology Studies (STS) and Development Studies (Technology and Sustainable Development in a North-South Perspective) in September 2005 (cum laude), at the University of Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands. 

Her teaching and research interests revolve around mutual shaping of technology and society and political culture of technology, especially digital media and technologies, in relation to issues of power, equality, social movement/collective action, civic engagement, democratization, spatial justice, and participatory politics.

Lim is the Principal Investigator of several research projects: 

  1. NSF (National Science Foundation) sponsored “Cyber-Collective Movements: Novel Socio-Computational Approaches in Studying Blogosphere” (2011-2014), 

  2. Ford Foundation sponsored “Advancing Public Media Interest in Indonesia” (2010-2012), and 

  3. Office of Naval Research sponsored “Blogtracker: Analyzing Social Media for Cultural Modeling” (2010-2013). 

She is also one of the senior personnel of the Center for Nanotechnology and Society funded by the National Science Foundation (2010-2015).

She holds various awards and fellowships such as: Princeton University CITP Fellowship (2013-2014), KITLV Visiting Fellowship (Summer 2012), 100 Most Inspiring Indonesian Women from Kartini (2011), Our Common Fellowship from the Volkswagen Foundation (2010), Faculty Star of Global Minds from ASU College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2009), Annenberg Networked Publics Research Fellowship (2005-2006), Henry Luce Southeast Asia fellowship (2004), Oxford Summer Doctoral Fellowship (2003), NWO Wotro Fellowship (2003-2005), Social Science Research Council Fellowship (2003). Lim has given more than 140 invited lectures and presentations, including many keynotes, in various places in the North America, Middle East, Australia, Europe, and Asia. 

Merlyna Lim is also an award winning author, designer, and visual artist. She won the American Society of Information Technology and Science International Paper Contest (2002), the Kota Baru Parahyangan Design Competition (with Space for Living Lab, 1999), and the Autodesk Design-Your-World contest (1997), among others. In 2011, Lim was selected as one of featured artists of the year by the Tempe Council of Arts. 

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