I study political behavior and I am interested in public opinion, political sociology, democratic theory and the politics of health and health inequality. My dissertation is on the political aspects of health. I received my B.S. from Cornell University in Development Sociology and Film, and my M.A. from the University of Chicago in Social Science. I will be on leave during the Fall Semester of 2012.

Books I Like:

"Modern Democracies" James Bryce (1921)

"The People, Yes" Carl Sandburg (1936)

"Democracy Through Public Opinion" Harold Lasswell (1941)

"The Modern Democratic State" A.D. Lindsay (1943)

"The Health of Regionville" Earl Koos (1954)

"The Pattern of Human Concerns" Hadley Cantril (1966)

"The Cloak of Competence" Robert Edgerton (1967)

“Political Thinking and Consciousness” Robert Lane (1969)

"Reflections on the Causes of Human Misery" Barrington Moore Jr. (1972)

"The Quality of American Life" Angus Campbell & Philip Converse (1976)

"The Moral Economy of the Peasant" James Scott (1979)

"The Voice of the People" James Fishkin (1997)

"The Loss of Happiness in Market Democracies" Robert Lane (2000)

"Why?" Charles Tilly (2006)

"The Health of Populations"  Stephen Kunitz (2007)

"Unequal Democracy" Larry Bartels (2008)

Movies I Like:

Best Romantic Comedy: "Sullivan's Travels" Preston Sturges

Best Lubitsch: "Cluny Brown"

Best Polish School: "Ręce do góry" Jerzy Skolimowski

Best Miyazaki: "Kiki's Delivery Service" 

Best Carpenter: "Assault on Precinct 13"

Best use of Joseph Gordon-Levitt: "Brick"