June 9, 2016

Fifth graders from Riverside Elementary school experienced a fun-filled day at PNI learning about the brain.  NA&PL members gave exciting presentations and live demonstrations of EEG and real-time fMRI. Thanks to Rafael Caruso, Na Yeon Kim, SuKeun Jeong and Mark Pinsk for making the day so informative and fun for everyone !

June 15, 2015

The human brain is perhaps the greatest remaining mystery in the biological sciences, and despite decades (centuries, even) of research, we are only scratching the surface. But new high-tech tools and a healthy dose of funding via the Obama administration's BRAIN initiative mean neuroscience and a hundred related fields will be getting the attention they deserve. NBC Learn, in collaboration with the National Science Foundation, has documented this big push in its new series, "Mysteries of the Brain."

 May 27, 2015

Third graders in Mr. Eastburn's science lab at Riverside Elementary School are "brainiacs" after a recent visit from neuroscientists Sabine Kastner, Michael Graziano, and Joel Finkelstein of the Princeton Neuroscience Institute.

The kids learned about different brain regions and information processing, and assembled models of brains. Everyone was enthralled to learn that a person might not be able to process memories if their hippocampus is damaged, that the region of our brain in charge of vision is located the farthest away from our eyes, and that human brains are so good at developing plans for the future because of our frontal lobe. The experience was a wonderful and unique opportunity to get students thinking about (and with) their brains!