ECO 362: Financial Investments
Topics: Equities, Derivatives
Term: Fall 2016

Assistant Instructor for Professor Cherkes

ECO 501: Microeconomic Theory I
Topics: Choice Theory, Game Theory
Term: Fall 2014
Assistant Instructor for Faruk Gul and Dilip Abreu

ECO 502: Microeconomic Theory II
Topics: General Equilibrium Theory, Mechanism Design
Term: Spring 2015-2016
Assistant Instructor for Roland Benabou, Sylvain Chassang, and Stephen Morris

ECO 348: The Great Recession: Causes, Consequences, and Remedies
Topics: Financial Economics, Public Finance
Term: Spring 2015
Assistant Instructor for Paul Krugman

ECO 418: Strategy and Information
Topics: Game Theory
Term: Fall 2015
Assistant Instructor for Dilip Abreu