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Principal Investigator

Jean Schwarzbauer
Research Interest:  Extracellular matrix regulation of cell functions
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Postdoctoral Fellows

Greg Harris
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest: Peripheral and spinal cord nerve injuries affect millions of people each year. In many instances, nerve repair requires regeneration of nerve fibers across a large gap created by the injury. Using a tissue engineering approach that combines biomaterials with native extracellular matrix, I am investigating the effects of physical and chemical signals on neurite alignment and extension across injured tissue.

Maria Vega
Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interest: In diabetic kidney disease, elevated blood sugar levels cause the over-production of extracellular matrix (ECM) proteins, which clog the glomeruli that filter blood into urine. This is the leading cause of end-stage renal disease in the United States but unfortunately current therapies are unable to reverse the accumulation of the glomerular ECM. Using a kidney cell culture model, we plan to clarify how high glucose can promote the accumulation of the extracellular matrix, in hopes to discover new targets for potential therapeutic for this deadly disease.


Graduate Students

Research Interest: Mutations in other matrix proteins such as elastin and collagen been instrumental in understanding how these proteins function, are processed by the cell, and their significance in normal physiology and pathology. In contrast, mutations to aid the study of FN are historically non-existent. The recent discovery of a point mutation in a FN self-association domain represents a powerful opportunity to study how the FN matrix is assembled and how reductions in matrix affect cellular behavior.

Carly Garrison
Katherine Hill

Research Interest: Fibronectin is necessary for a collagen matrix to be present, but fibronectin's role in collagen matrix assembly has yet to be established. I am investigating how the fibronectin matrix as well as its associated proteins influence collagen matrix assembly.


Research Interest: Intermolecular fibronectin-fibronectin interactions contribute to fibril formation, and in mature fibrils these interactions are irreversible as well as detergent insoluble. It is unknown what sites on fibronectin specifically contribute to these irreversible.

Jared Saunders

Research Interest: The role of the fibronectin matrix in collagen processing and nascent fibrillogenesis is largely unknown. My work focuses on understanding how the fibronectin matrix and its associated proteins are involved in these initial processes that lead to collagen matrix formation.



Henry Hsia
Visiting Research Collaborator
Selwyn Williams
Visiting Research Collaborator

Administrative Support



Cara Carraher
Graduate Student
Vivek Desai
Graduate Student
Adam Engler
Postdoctoral Fellow
Leontine Galante
Graduate Student
Geoff Hunt
Postdoctoral Fellow
Nancy Karuri
Visiting Research Collaborator
Maria Martynovsky
Graduate Student
Chris Meighan
Postdoctoral Fellow
Charles Miller
Graduate Student MD/PhD
Leah Owens
Graduate Student
Jeongsook Park
Graduate Student
Alexandra Pastino
Graduate Student
Hongyu Shang
Postdoctoral Fellow
Purva Singh
Postdoctoral Fellow
Shivani Singh
Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow
Lindsay Steirer
Postdoctoral Researcher
Courtney Williams
Graduate Student
Ming-Ching Wong
Postdoctoral Fellow