Setting Emacs for mac

I've had a great experience using Aquamacs, until I installed company-coq which made it unbearably slow. So I'm switching to Emacs. The painfull part is that Emacs does not behave natively and needs some work to tune up. Here are some tricks:

1. Setting up the correct path:

Use mermelade or melpa:
M-x package-install-file RET exec-path-from-shell

Then add the following to .emacs:

Einstein's Puzzle

This puzzle, also known as the Einsteins Riddle or the Zebra Puzzle, is often attributed to Albert Einstein, who supposedly predicted that only 2% of the world population would be able to solve. Such stories are likely false and the earliest known appearance of the puzzle is in a 1962 issue of Life International magazine. In any case, this puzzle is a challenging and fun one. So here it goes:

Deduction Trees in LaTeX

I have been working with deduction trees and found irritating to write them in LaTeX. I know LaTeX is generally temperamental and frustrating but I found deduction trees to be far superior in their unnecessary complexity. If you need help adding new packages to LaTeX, check here.

I will show here a short survey of three possible packages to write deduction trees (TL;DR: Use Semantic). 

Solving 2048

I recently stumbled upon this amazing puzzle: 2048 the puzzle.

The idea is simple, use your arrow keys to push all squares in that direction. Equal squares will merge into larger numbers and a new square will appear in a random empty spot. You win if you create a square with the number 2048. For example in the image bellow you can press right to combine the 8's and move the two in that column to the right or press up to move the squares in the first two columns up 

Adding new packages to LaTeX

I was surprised to find that adding new packages to LaTeX is not a straightforward process. Don't worry, it's not hard, but it's worth documenting.

Here I show how to install a .sty package in LaTeX. I will add some comments about doing the same for .ins and .dtx in the future: