Jena, Siddhartha G. “A random graph model of density thresholds in swarming cells.”. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 20.3 (2016): , 20, 3, 413-421. Web. Publisher's VersionAbstract

Swarming behaviour is a type of bacterial motility that has been found to be dependent on reaching a local density threshold of cells. With this in mind, the process through which cell-to-cell interactions develop and how an assembly of cells reaches collective motility becomes increas- ingly important to understand. Additionally, populations of cells and organisms have been modelled through graphs to draw insightful conclu- sions about population dynamics on a spatial level. In the present study, we make use of analogous random graph structures to model the formation of large chain subgraphs, representing interactions between multiple cells, as a random graph Markov process. Using numerical simulations and analytical results on how quickly paths of certain lengths are reached in a random graph process, metrics for intercellular interaction dynamics at the swarm layer that may be experimentally evaluated are proposed.

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