I am a rotating G1 in the lab of Professor Ned Wingreen. I am interested in the physical properties of Vibrio cholerae biofilms- more to come on this!

At Harvard, I most recently did my undergraduate thesis work in the research group of Professor Martin Karplus in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard, studying the effect of membrane composition on water transport through Aquaporin-1 (below, image created by me using the Visual Molecular Dynamics software).

​My other current interests include the evolution of membranes and membrane-associated proteins, evolution in general, computational chemistry and molecular dynamics. I am also interested in biotechnology; specifically the path from lab bench to functional product. I plan to be disciplined enough to keep this website updated on how these projects are going!

Previous Research Interests:

In high school, I studied the effect of elevated membrane cholesterol on Aquaporin-1 facilitated water transport using various molecular biology and biophysical techniques at Wayne State University. At the Research Science Institute in the summer of 2011, I studied H. pylori mediated gastric cancer. At Harvard, I have studied molecular mechanisms of limb regeneration in salamanders in the Melton Lab in the Harvard Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology Department and mathematically modeled bacterial swarming patterns with guidance from some wonderful scientists and mentors in the Gibbs Lab in the Molecular Biology Department and the Nowak Group at the Program for Evolutionary Dynamics.