European Integration, WWS Junior Research Seminar

Owned by China? Responding to Chinese Direct Investment in the United States (WWS 401 J02)

Junior Policy Task Force Presents Research in Washington, D.C. - See more at: http://wws.princeton.edu/news-and-events/news/item/junior-policy-task-force-presents-research-washington-dc#sthash.7K3LxHn0.dpuf

Economic Patriotism: The Politics of Dealing with Chinese Takeovers (WWS 401c, Princeton University)

The Politics of Anti-Americanism (POL 981-I10, Princeton University)

Dealing with Anti-Americanism in the Obama Era (WWS 401ij, Princeton University)

  • Article about the task force by Jesse Jacobs on the Woodrow Wilson School website January 2011
  • "Dealing with Anti-Americanism in the Obama Era", Class Report, December 2010

The Politics of Anti-Americanism (POL 981-I9, Princeton University)

Dealing with Anti-Americanism (WWS 401i, Princeton University)

European Union (WWS 705, Princeton University)

Sour Fries: The Franco-American Relationship (FRS 163, FRS 172, Princeton University)

Transatlantic Trade Wars: Bananas, Biotech, and the Future of Free Trade (WWS 401j, Princeton University)

The European Union: Politics and Policies (WWS 460, Princeton University)

The European Union: Business and Politics (Bus. 734, The University of Chicago)

Le français économique et commercial (Harvard University)




  • Lizzie Bird
  • Richard Chang
  • Hannah Kraus


  • Ryan Azaraffiy
  • Uluwotomi Johnson
  • Andrew Mullen


  • William Beacom
  • Jessica Ma
  • Vivian Wang
  • Carolyn Yang


  • Lauren Coleman
  • Ryan Karnes


  • Kimberly Hopewell
  • Michael Jiang
  • Thomas Tasche


  • Stephen Ham, Red Dragon, Westward Ho! Impact and Implications of Chinese Investment in Europe on European Attitudes towards China
  • Jesse Mudrick, The Eagle and the Dragon in Africa: The Impact of Chinese Investment on Sub-Saharan Views towards the United States
  • Colin Quinn, The Dragon Extinguished? Lessons from Failed Chinese Investments in the United States


  • Cantey Sutton Brown, Colossus of the North: Understanding Sources of Anti- and Pro-American Sentiment in Latin America
  • Ledina Gocaj, Bailing Out Europe: Design and Evolution of the European Financial Stability Facility
  • Anna Lutz
  • Jackie Moss
  • Emily Reynolds, The Role of Anti-Americanism in European Integration


  • Lingzi Gui, Unveiling the Dragon's Fears: A Multidimensional Analysis of Anti-China Sentiments and the Prospects for Chinese Public Diplomacy


  • Carol Shih, China's "Lie-ability": Food Fraud and its Impact on China as an International Trader


  • Sandra Katz