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Toettcher Lab News

May 2017: Congrats to Jennifer Lee, our senior thesis student, for winning the gold medal for Best Poster at Princeton Research Day!

February 2017: Jose Avalos, Yannis Kevrekidis and Jared Toettcher win funding from the Eric and Wendy Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund to combine optogenetics, control theory and metabolic engineering. See the press release here.

January 2017: The Toettcher lab, in collaboration with the Shvartsman and Schupbach labs, publish some work about the consequences of increasing the dose, domain, or duration of Erk signaling in Drosophila development. Congrats to Heath and Yogesh!

It also was featured as the cover illustration of that issue of Dev Cell! See the article here, the news & views piece about it here, and the cover here.

December 2016: The Toettcher lab, in collaboration with the Brangwynne lab, publish a new optogenetic technique to control liquid-liquid phase separation in live cells. Congrats to Yongdae Shin from Cliff's lab and Nicole Pannucci from our group! See the article here, the news & views piece about it here, and the press release here.

December 2016: Elliot passes his qualifying exam with flying colors. Congrats, Candidate Dine!

November 2016: Heath and Jared head to the ASCB meeting in San Francisco to both give talks about ToettchLab projects.

November 2016: Agnieszka Gil joins the Toettcher lab as a new postdoc, after completing her PhD in Peter Tonge's lab at Stony Brook. Welcome, Agnieszka!

October 2016: Max Wilson from the Toettcher lab wins a NJHF Innovation grant for some exciting, high-risk high-reward research ideas. Congratulations, Max!

October 2016: Jared Toettcher is named a 2016 NIH New Innovator!

September 2016: The Toettcher lab receives an American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant from the Cancer Institute of New Jersey!

June 2016: Alex Goglia passes his qualifying exam. Congrats, Alex!

May 2016: Jared co-organizes & Max teaches at the 2016 EMBO Workshop on Optogenetics in Heidelberg, Germany.

May 2016: Whitney Warren joins Toettchlab as a QCB graduate student. Welcome, Whitney!

May 2016: Elliot Dine joins Toettchlab as a Mol Bio graduate student. Welcome, Elliot!

April 2016: Heath and Jared publish a news & views article in Cell Systems, highlighting beautiful optogenetics work from Brian Chow's lab. See the article here.

April 2016: Heath Johnson is awarded an NIH F32 fellowship from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences! Congrats, Heath!

April 2016: Alex Goglia is awarded an NIH MD/PhD F30 fellowship from the National Cancer Institute! Congrats, Alex!

March 2016: Jared publishes work in PLoS Biology on cortical actin oscillation induced by Gβ depletion. The project was joint work with Oliver Hoeller from the Weiner lab. See the paper here.

March 2016: Jared heads to Leiden in the Netherlands for the Lorentz Center Workshop on Optogenetics.

February 2016: The Toettcher lab is awarded a Princeton MolBio Innovation Award. Time to get to work!

January 2016: Jennifer Lee (Princeton MolBio '17) joins the lab for her thesis research. Welcome, Jen!

January 2016: Pavithran Ravindran (Princeton '19) joins the lab to play with cells, microscopes and magnets. Welcome, Pav!

December 2015: Jared is interviewed in a technology feature for Nature magazine to talk about where optogenetics is & where it's going...

October 2015: Jared is now affiliated with the Quantitative and Computational Biology program.

October 2015: Max Wilson (PhD from Princeton MolBio) joins the lab as a postdoc. Welcome, Max!

September 2015: Alex Goglia joins the lab as our first graduate student (from the RWJMS/Princeton MD/PhD program). Welcome, Alex!

June 2015: Jared heads to Woods Hole MA to help teach the Physiology Course, and gets to play with cool microscopes and giant yeast cells.

June 2015: Dan DiGiorno (Princeton MolBio '16) joins the lab as our first undergrad. Welcome, Dan!

May 2015: Heath Johnson (PhD Chemical Engineering - NC State) joins the lab as our first postdoc. Welcome, Heath!

February 2015: The Toettcher and Ploss labs receive a Princeton "New Ideas in the Natural Sciences" grant. Time to get to work!

February 2015: The Toettcher lab welcomes Nicole Pannucci, our lab manager, as the first member of the Toettcher lab!

January 2015: Jared is now affiliated with Chemical and Biological Engineering and the Cancer Institute of New Jersey.

January 2015: The Toettcher lab opens its doors!