WWS 562C
Economic Analysis of Development (Advanced)
Considers theories and evidence to explain processes of economic development; examines theories of economic growth, and the two-way links between development and poverty, inequality, social institutions, and the family.  Policy debates on education, health, and social policy, and governmental and international aid are also covered.

Prerequisites and Restrictions: WWS 507C & 511C

Other Requirements: WWS Graduate Students Only


WWS 564/POP 564
Poverty, Inequality and Health in the World
About well-being throughout the world, with focus on income and health. Explores what happened to poverty, inequality, and health, in the US, and internationally. Discusses conceptual foundations of national and global measures of inequality, poverty, and health; construction of measures, and extent to which they can be trusted; relationship between globalization, poverty, and health, historically and currently. Examines links between health and income, and why poor people are less healthy and live less long than rich people.

Prerequisites and Restrictions: WWS 507 & 511. Please see instructor to apply for enrollment. ENROLLMENT BY APPLICATION OR INTERVIEW. DEPARTMENTAL PERMISSION REQUIRED.

Other Requirements: WWS Graduate Students Only


ECO 565
Health Economics I
Examines health issues in the developed world.  Specific topics include the evolution of health over the life course; the fetal origins hypothesis; the two-way links between socioeconomic status and health; the impact of social safety nets on health outcomes; environmental threats to children's health and development; health insurance and its effects on health; the industrial organization of health care delivery.

Prerequisites: PhD-level microeconomics and econometrics

Other Requirements: Open to Graduate Students Only

ECO 563

ECO 562
Economic Development I
An examination of those areas in the economic analysis of development where there have been recent analytical or empircal advances.  Emphasis is given to the formulation of theoretical models and econometric analysis and testing.  Topics covered include models of household/farm behavior, savings behavior, equity and efficiency in pricing policy, project evaluation, measurement of policy and inequality, and the analysis of commodity prices.

Other Requirements: Open to Graduate Students Only

WWS 593G
Topics in Health Analysis - AIDS in Africa: Causes and Consequences
This course is intended to offer a rigorous analysis of the causes and consequences of the AIDS crisis in sub-Saharan Africa.  We will focus on the following themes: orphanhood, education, health care delivery and behavioral responses.  It will draw on both microeconomic theory and economics to analyze aspects of the crisis.

Other Requirements: Open to WWS Graduate Students Only