Work in Progress

Work in Progress (Selected)

Fluency in English Matters for Immigrants – But not equally for Men and Women, (with Aditi Bhowmick).(under review)

One municipality does not fit all: The employment of refugees settled in Norway (with Marianne Tønnessen and Synøve N. Andersen), (under review).

Are those cohabiting more like married or more like single individuals? An Analysis across European countries (with Federica Querin).

Does Migrant Selection Vary with the Generosity of Social, Economic, and Political Rights Across the OECD? (with John Palmer).

The role of political forces in shaping international migration (with Carles Boix, Martin Guzi and Mariola Pytlikova).

Career progression of immigrant women across Europe (with Ana Ferrer and Virginia Herranz) (under review)