Ahmed El Hady is a neuroscientist, an inventor and a critical theorist. He is a currently postdoctoral fellow at the Princeton Neuroscience Institute. He joined Princeton University after he completed his PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self Organization. Ahmed has an interdisciplinary background merging experimental and theoretical approaches to understand the brain, having done his undergraduate studies in Pharmacology and his graduate studies in Theoretical Neuroscience.

His research interests revolve around understanding the biophysical underpinnings of systems-level phenomena bridging the gap between different levels of description of the brain. He also has a vested interest in novel technologies that expands our understanding of the brain.

His major scientific contributions are the development of a neural photostimulation technique that emulates in-vivo cortical activity, the proposal that action potentials are accompanied by electromechnical waves (termed "action waves"),  the establishment of the first rodent accumulation of evidence task in a dynamic environment  and pioneering the use of functional ultrasound imaging in behaving marmoset monkeys & rats. 

For more information, please check his detailed CV below

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