In-Vivo and In-Vivo like Network Dynamics

Optical Network Electrophysiology

I established a system that combines simultaneous recording using multielectrode arrays and optical stimulation of neuronal networks using optogenetic tools (1). The experimental system was used to induce network level plasticity using different optogenetic stimulation paradigms and to understand the underlying mechanisms of plastic changes (2). Moreover,  whole field optical stimulation can be used to modulate the relationship between leader and follower neurons in in-vitro neuronal networks (3) .

The developed system was also used to mimic the fluctuation driven in neurons by optically stimulating neurons with an Ornstein Uhlenbeck designed blue light waveforms. This photostimulation paradigm was named “Continuous Dynamic Photostimulation” (CoDyPs) (4). CoDyPs can be used to characterize single neurons computational properties such as dynamic gain and correlation gain in a high throughput & precise manner and to study neuronal networks under naturalistic conditions opening up the opportunity for what I call “Quantitative Optogenetics”.




Two ways to study in-vivo-like fluctuation driven spiking activity under controlled conditions

a, schematic representation of the ongoing synaptic drumfire to which neurons in the CNS are typically exposed. Sparks represent active synapses. Cortical pyramidal neurons will typically receive synaptic inputs at a rate of several kilohertz. b and c, two alternative experimental approaches to emulate the resulting input fluctuations and register the fluctuation driven activity in-vitro: whole cell current injection (b) and CoDyPs (c), here depicted for a neuron cultured on a circular extracellular electrode. In contrast to the whole cell stimulation/recording, CoDyPs offers extended recording and stimulation/recording of multiple neurons simultaneously.

In case you are interested to use CoDyPs in your experiments or discuss other potential projects related to Quantitative Optogenetics, please do not hesitate to contact me.