POL/LAO/LAS 423/333: Latino Politics in the U.S. - UG seminar



What is Latino politics and is it different from American politics? What do we know about Latino voting and attitudes in U.S. elections? How do policies and institutions impact Latinos, and how are policies and institutions impacted by them? What methods can we use to find out? In this course we will use social science to examine questions about Latino politics in the U.S. Topics include: Latino party identification and policy preferences; patterns of political participation among Latinos; ethnic and national identity in politics; immigration, demographics and their political impact; Latino subgroup differences such as generation, national origin and religious affiliation.

No prior knowledge of the topic is required, but familiarity with the basics of American politics and scientific inquiry will be very helpful.

Open to all students but ideal for sophomores and juniors interested in developing a research proposal on the course topic(s) that can later be used as the starting point for a junior paper or senior thesis project. There is no final exam; instead, students are required to write a final research proposal. LAS concentrators (only) must write their final proposal on a Latin American topic and provide a copy to PLAS in order to receive certificate credit.

Taught in 2012 and 2014.
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