I am an Assistant Professor of Politics, affiliated with the Program in Latino Studies and the Center for the Study of Democratic Politics, and co-founder of Politics Research in Experimental Social Sciences at Princeton University.

Primary field: American Politics
Subfields: Public opinion, campaigns and elections, race and ethnic politics, Latino politics, religion in politics, and experimental methods.

My research and teaching are in American politics, with a focus on race and racism in U.S. politics and campaigns; Latina/o/x attitudes, preferences and turnout in U.S. elections; immigration and demographic change in the U.S. and its political consequences; U.S. public opinion and voter behavior; ethno-racial and religious identities in politics; survey design and experimental methods. My research uses large-n surveys, field and survey experiments, and administrative data such as Census and election information to investigate the causes and consequences of ethno-racial politics in the U.S., including turnout in elections, Latino support for candidates and public policies, and the effects of racialized campaign communication. My research has been published in the American Political Science Review, Public Opinion Quarterly, Political Psychology, American Politics Review, other peer-reviewed journals, and as book chapters.

Office hours: Appointments can generally be made via my WASE calendar.

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