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I strive to understand cognition and behavior, at the level of their mechanistic implementation in brain tissue, as the emergent property of millions of highly interactive micro functioning units.

I came to pursue this path from an engineering background, and then trained in computational neuroscience, when I did my PhD with Alessandro Treves in LIMBO (SISSA), working on possible contributions of attractor dynamics in visual perception (Akrami et al 2009Akrami et al 2012).

Since four years ago I switched gears into the experimental world, when I realized impossibility of understanding cognition without seeing it as a systems neuroscience question. December 2009, I joined Mathew Diamond’s lab. There, I worked on developing a parametric delayed comparison task in rats, first using whisker stimuli, and then using auditory stimuli (Fassihi and Akrami et al 2014 PNAS).

Since December 2012 I have moved to Princeton University to join Carlos Brody’s lab. Currently, I am trying to understand neural basis of parametric working memory, by combining various methodological approaches, to probe different levels of the mapping from external world into the very first representations in the sensory brain, up until the final decision taken by the animal.