Women Beating Men In Pakistan

There is a quiet revolution that is changing Pakistan’s landscape. Women are beating men at a rate we have never seen before. And there are some men who just cannot take this. The beating I am referring to is in the academic arena over the past 30 years.

There has been remarkable growth in girls’ intermediate (11th/12th grade) enrollment as reported in a new study by Tahir Andrabi and Niharika Singh. There were less than half as many girls as boys enrolled in intermediate in 1985. However, by 2013 there were more girls than boys enrolled in...

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The Line Between Man And God

There is a line separating man from God that should never be crossed. For when it is, hell breaks loose. We witnessed hell today in Pakistan. One hundred and thirty two children slaughtered in a barbaric attack on a school.

This time the line was crossed by Taliban – a serial offender. They gloatingly accepted full responsibility, adding that the children were murdered in response to Pakistan army’s offensive against them. One might question such logic. After all there are rules, even in war. Rules set by...

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Title: Growing pains

How effective were the PMLN government's economic policies during its first year in office? In order to answer this question, we first need to understand Pakistan's long-term economic challenge and then evaluate the extent to which government's policies address this challenge.

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