Bonnie Authors Section in iBiology's New Online Textbook

September 30, 2019

Bonnie is one of the contributors to iBiology's newest online textbook - The Explorer's Guide to Biology. For more information, see the news release below and click here.

iBiology Launches The Explorer’s Guide to Biology

College biology textbooks are getting denser and more expensive. Is it time to re-invent the college biology textbook?

iBiology, in collaboration with TNQ Technologies, says “yes”, launching The Explorer’s Guide to Biology (XBio for short), which focuses on stories of scientific discovery and is free-of-charge.

Written by Nobel Prize winners and other distinguished scientists, XBio is a bold re-imagining of the biology textbook for the 21st century (see video). Incorporating narrative prose, beautiful illustrations, engaging animations and professionally-produced videos, XBio offers students and self-learners a more exciting, inspiring, and accurate window into the problem-solving nature of science and encourages readers to become explorers themselves. Recognizing the barriers imposed by the cost of textbooks, The Explorer’s Guide to Biology is committed to a model of global open access for students, self-learners, and educators.  

The current XBio content includes topics in genetics and cell biology (see the list below), but the project aims to cover all major topics found in an introductory college biology textbook in the next few years. Educators who register on the XBIo site will gain access to special educator resources.

Current Content in XBio on Cell Biology and Genetics:

Rodolphe Barrangou                           CRISPR-Cas9: Bacterial Immunity and Genome Editing

Bonnie Bassler                                    Quorum Sensing: How Bacteria Communicate

J. Michael Bishop                                Cancer Genetics

Martin Chalfie                                      Expression of the Green Fluorescent Protein

Jennifer Doudna                                  CRISPR-Cas9: A Tool for Genome Editing

Doug Koshland                                    Mutations: Drivers of Evolution and Disease

Matt Meselson/Frank Stahl                  How DNA Replicates

Pam Ronald                                         Plant Genetics and Food

Shirley Tilghman                                  The Laws of Inheritance

Ron Vale                                             DNA Structure (coming October 7)

Ron Vale                                             Motility in a Test Tube