A live-action photo of me messing up some scale, while fellow philosophy grads Patrick (piano, left) and Alejandro (drums, occluded) silently judge me.

I am currently a graduate student in the philosophy department at Princeton University. I joined the department in 2015 after studying philosophy and neuroscience at the University of Iowa. For AY2018-2019, I will be a graduate fellow in the Program in Cognitive Science at Princeton as well.

My work is primarily in epistemology, ethics, and the philosophy of mind. I work on the peculiarities of human cognition and agency, and how these peculiarities constrain the types of norms that can regulate our thought and behavior. My dissertation, advised by Tom Kelly, discusses one major instance of this general phenomenon: psychological bias. Other areas I know at least a little bit about include aesthetics, the philosophy of science (esp. psychology), and some history of philosophy (esp. early analytic and Nietzsche). 

Before coming to Princeton, I lived a second life as a neuroscience student at the University of Iowa, where I worked on human auditory neuroscience and music cognition. The two papers I was a part of during that era of my academic life are available here for those interested.

Outside of philosophy, my projects include playing jazz trumpet, cooking wood-fired pizzas, attempting various racquet sports (tennis: middling; racquetball: poor; squash: atrocious), staring at Rothkos, and laughing at bad movies with my wonderful fiance, Kelsey Wiggs.