I’m a first-year graduate student in the philosophy department at Princeton University. Before coming to Princeton, I received my M.A. in Philosophy from Universidad de los Andes in 2017.

My main interest up to this point has been practical rationality, with a particular emphasis on the norms of rationality that apply to agents who form intentions and implement them over time. I have two papers in progress on this topic. In the first one, I focus on the question, Why is changing one’s plans in the face of temptation irrational? In the second one, I focus on the question, Do one’s intentions give one reasons to act as intended? (Please send me an e-mail if you would like to read any of them).

Besides practical rationality, I’m also interested in questions in ethics, political philosophy, philosophy of social science, and Latin American philosophy.

You can find my CV here.



In case you're wondering, my picture was taken in Bogotá by my girlfriend Melisa.