Bridging Gaps of Affluence, Nation and Time


Monday, August 10, 2020 (All day) to Monday, August 24, 2020 (All day)



Over August 10-24, 2020, CFI held its inaugural asynchronous online workshop. 12 authors from several disciplines presented short works in progress on the theme of “Bridging Gaps of Affluence, Nation and Time” in text or video form. Topics ranged from the question of assigning legal rights to the Amazon rainforest, citizens’ political responsibilities regarding climate change, the ethics of procreation, and the distributive justice aspects of carbon capture and storage.  The authors engaged in extensive discussion with official commentators, other authors and guests. The discussion was rich, with ~300 substantive posts across the 12 presentations.

Participants appreciated the asynchronous format, with scholars from Australia, Colombia, the UK and North America able to discuss these scholarly issues on their own schedule. Two synchronous meetings provided opportunities to interact in real time. Several participants commented that being able to consider questions and responses carefully, rather than provide ad hoc responses, was very valuable to developing their work.

CFI will be holding its second annual workshop from June 16-30. The Call For Abstracts can be found here:

The list of presentations and authors from the 2020 workshop is below, with their current status.

Last year’s papers



Current status

Daniel Burkett 

A Legacy of Harm? Climate Change and the Cost of Procreation 

Forthcoming in Journal of Applied Philosophy 

Kyle Fruh 

“Displacement and Anticipatory Moral Failure” 

Part still in progress 

Part has become:

Fruh, Kyle. "Climate Change Driven Displacement and Justice: The Role of Reparations." Essays in Philosophy 22.1/2 (2021): 102-121. [link] 

Manjana Milkoreit and Michele-Lee Moore.

Imagination and transformations to sustainable and just futures 

Moore, Michele-Lee, and Manjana Milkoreit. "Imagination and transformations to sustainable and just futures." Elementa: Science of the Anthropocene 8.1 (2020). 

Kian Mintz-Woo, Joe Lane 

“Distributive Justice and Carbon Capture and Storage”. 

Under review with a very different name 

Nicky Van Dijk 

“Designing fair and inclusive institutions for future generations: lessons from the capability approach” 

Forthcoming, ‘The capability approach as a roadmap for re-thinking intergenerational justice’ in Jan Linehan and Peter Lawrence (eds), Giving future generations a voice: normative frameworks, institutions and practice (Edgar Elgar, 2021). 

David Morrow 

“Carbon Removal and Climate Justice “ 

Part of a book-length project which is still in progress 

Megan Blomfield 

“Who is Responsible for the Climate Change Problem” 

In progress 

Simon Caney 

“Power, Political Responsibilities and Climate Change” 

In progress 

Alexander Gard-Murray 

De-Risking Decarbonization 

In progress 

Danny Marrero 

Right Attributions to the Amazonia: Responding to Climate Change. 

In progress 

Romy Opperman

Towards Black Feminist Climate Ethics and Justice: Between the Dead, the Dying, the Never-to-Born, and the Unborn 

In progress 

Ewan Kingston 

Assessing the Assessments of NDC Fairness 

In progress 


The archive of discussions is available to be viewed by non-participants by request. Email Ewan Kingston ( with a brief description of your purpose to request access.   

Danny Marrero presenting “Right Attributions to the Amazonia”Danny Marrero presenting “Right Attributions to the Amazonia”


Nicky van Dijk presenting