CHARIS is an IFS for the Subaru telescope. It sits behind the SCExAO coronagraphic and extreme AO system and AO188 adaptive optics systems at the Subaru telescope.


All zero point and saturation estimates are taken before the SCExAO rebuild during S16B. The values should be expected to change slightly due to the throughput changes of SCExAO.

When proposing to use CHARIS, please keep in mind that we plan to have 90:10 and 10:90 beamsplitters that feed CHARIS, but the baseline is that there are no splitters. This means CHARIS will receive 100% or 0% of the IR light in S17A. 

Also please note that the internal ND3 filter in CHARIS is cold, but only functions in the low resolution mode. It cannot be used in the high resolution mode.