Miscellaneous pictures of my past and present research

  • El Regajal, Aranjuez

    Behind a Lithodora fruticosa, collecting samples from rosemary shrubs to assess the effect of N depostion

  • Mpala, Kenya

    Visiting Masai village after work

  • Picos de Europa, Asturias

    Installing a meteorological station for a Spanish National Parks project

  • Picos de Europa, Asturias

    The team working in Asturias to assess the effects of N and P deposition in alpine shrublands

  • Mpala, Kenya

    Collecting samples of the C4 grass Cynodon plectostachyus for a study of belowground functional traits

  • Finca de Sotomayor, Aranjuez

    Collaborating with the experiment leaded by URJC reserchers on the effects of climate change in drylands in Central Spain

  • El Regajal, Aranjuez

    Data loggers installed under the canopy and in open spaces registered differences in temperature and illuminance,

  • Mpala, Kenya

    Field lab in the Beast: processing samples before bringing them to the real lab.

  • Retiendas, Guadalajara

    Master dissertation project, comparing the composition and abundance of herbaceous species on the understory of two oak forests

  • El Regajal, Aranjuez

    Measuring canopy allometry in Quercus coccifera, for a comparative study.

  • Candeleda, Ávila

    Measuring canopy allometries in Quercus ilex, a tree closely related to the Chaparra Q. coccifera

  • Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales - CSIC

    Microcosmos experiment to test the effect of increasing nitrogen deposition on plant communities due to pollution

  • Multicolor

    Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (CSIC), Madrid

    We stain the roots of competing plants in multiple colors to study root foraging behavior

  • Greenhouse

    ICA greenhouses (CSIC), Madrid

    Aurora watering the pepper plants planted in gutters to test the tragedy of the commons

  • drone

    Candeleda, Ávila

    Using drone photography to map vegetation canopies in shrublands

  • Core

    Candeleda, Ávila

    Diamond core drill used to extract shrub roots at depths up to 80 cm

  • piorno

    Lanchal y Pucheruelo, Ávila

    One of the 60 individuals marked to keep track of growth and reproduction allocation

  • piornal

    Lanchal y Pucheruelo, Ávila

    With Fernando Valladares and Aurora de Castro in one of our field sites

Ciro Cabal

PhD candidate,


Princeton University Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology