Academic News

Matt receives NJCCR Fellowship

June 28, 2022
For his proposed work on cellular metabolic regulation at the interface of virology and cancer biology, Matt received a fellowship with the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research. Great job, Matt!

Krystal receives NJACTS Fellowship

June 28, 2022
For her work using proteomic approaches to understand cancer progression, Krystal received a fellowship with the New Jersey Alliance for Clinical & Translational Science, an initiative funded through the NIH. Keep it up, Krystal!

Cristea Lab welcomes two new PhD Candidates!

June 19, 2022
The Cristea Lab added two talented Molecular Biology PhD Candidates to our group this year, Ji Woo Park and James Kostas. We're excited to see their proposed thesis projects take shape over the coming months!

Will receives the Teaching Award

April 20, 2022
For his exceptional work in Ileana's virology course, Will received a Teaching Award from the Dean of the Graduate School. Will was lauded for his hard work by both the instructors and the students. Congratulations, Will!

Tavis receives NSF-GRFP

April 6, 2022

For his interdisciplinary proposal involving proteomic method development and generation of a machine learning-based computational pipeline, Tavis was awarded with a Graduate Research Fellowship with the National Science Foundation. We are all excited to see Tavis recognized for his hard work and promise as a graduate research fellow!

Cristea Lab Returns to In-Person Conferences

February 27, 2022
The entire Cristea lab flew down to Charleston, SC to attend the 2022 US Human Proteome Organization conference. Lab members presented their work through posters, lightning talks, and most prominently in a presentation in the Multi-Omics section given by Tim Howard. Can't wait until the next one!

Krystal receives the Princeton Writing Program Fellowship

January 27, 2022
In recognition of her past success in scientific publishing, fellowship proposals, and grant writing, Krystal received a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the Princeton Writing Program. Through this fellowship, Krystal will continue to refine her skills while mentoring graduate students on effective science communication. A well-deserved accomplishment for Krystal!

Cristea Lab Presents at HUPO ReCONNECT

November 19, 2021
Todd, Josh, Xinlei, Cora, and Michelle presented posters at the Human Proteome Organization Conference. Through their posters, they gave an overview of how the lab is using proteomics to answer a diverse set of biological questions. Great job, everyone!

Michelle Presents at Skyline User Group Meeting

October 27, 2021
Michelle presented her work via Zoom to hundreds of academics and industry scientists who use Skyline--one of the forefront targeted mass spectrometry softwares. As always, her figures were as beautiful as her science. Great work, Michelle!

Ileana Presents at Princeton Catalysis Initiative Symposium 2021

October 19, 2021
In an effort to promote interdisciplinary research across the university and in partnership with industry, the Princeton Catalysis Initiative (PCI) was founded in 2017. Ileana had the honor of presenting as a keynote speaker for the Molecular Biology department. Way to go, Ileana!