Academic News

Xinlei and Cora are selected to speak at ASCB's Cell Bio Virtual 2020

November 10, 2020
Xinlei and Cora will both be discussing how human pathogens manipulate mitochondrial organization and function to acheive infection. As a virtual conference this year, the American Society for Cell Biology's Annual Meeting is accessible to almost anyone - tune in if you're interested!

Laura, Katelyn, & Tim work with our Molecular Biology Outreach Program to launch a science communication website

November 9, 2020
Laura, Katelyn, & Tim - each chairs on our Molecular Biology Outreach Program (MBOP - previously known as GMOP) executive board - have been working hard with other MolBio graduate students to construct a website well-suited for virtual programming of science outreach and communication. Goals include accessible at-home workshops, dissemination of scientific information, and especially highlighting the diverse backgrounds and strengths of scientists, both at Princeton and around the world.

Cora wins the 2020 MolBio Teaching Award!

October 9, 2020
Cora, a fifth year graduate student, was honored for her dedication to and excellence in teaching undergraduate courses at Princeton. Spurred by glowing reviews from colleagues, professors, and students, Cora's accomplishments over the past few years were highlighted at this year's MolBio Retreat. Congrats, Cora!

Katelyn takes the lead on the MolBio Go-To Guides initiative

September 11, 2020
In response to requests for increased mentorship and collaboration opportunities within Princeton's MolBio department, Katelyn has worked via the Graduate Student Mentorship Committee (GSMC) to launch a "Go-To Guides" program. The initiative celebrates the unique experiences, expertise, and passions represented by members of our community and facilitates readily accessible support for anyone (students, post-docs, faculty, and staff) in need of advice or a listening ear.

Todd is promoted to Princeton Research Molecular Biologist!!

July 1, 2020
This incredibly competitive position was awarded to our long-time lab member, Dr. Todd Greco, and we couldn't be more thrilled for this well-deserved recognition of his accomplishments and invaluable contributions to molcular biology and proteomics. Cheers to you, Todd!

Elene and Katelyn launch the Science Reel! tab on our website

July 1, 2020
Geared towards communicating relateable, current science to a general audience, the Science Reel! forum launched with an article about emerging viruses and how proteomic technologies have been leveraged to combat them - with heavy focus on SARS-CoV-2 (for obvious reasons). Elene and Katelyn plan to continue writing short posts that highlight the public health aspects and inclusive environment that support our lab's research. Read more about Elene and Katelyn launch the Science Reel! tab on our website