Academic News

Dr. Krystal Lum joins our lab group as a post-doctoral scientist!

September 7, 2021
Following a two year post-doctoral position at U Penn, Dr. Lum (a former PhD student in the Cristea lab) has returned to us as our newest post-doctoral scientist! We are thrilled to have Krystal back, and can't wait to see the new scientific directions that will unfold in the coming years. 

Tavis and Peter join our lab group

June 14, 2021
Welcome to our two newest graduate students! Tavis is a QCB (Quantitative Computational Biology) student and co-mentored by Dr. Olga Troyanskaya, working to develop new computational tools for analyzing proteomic datasets. Peter, previously an international affairs major at Georgetown University, is working with Katelyn, Bokai, and Xinlei, uncovering viral mechanisms of organelle remodeling and intra-cellular signaling. We are thrilled to add you both to our family!

Welcome to our new post-doctoral scientist, Dr. John Muroski!

June 7, 2021
John is joining us all the way from the Loo lab at UCLA, where his PhD work focused on using and developing mass spectrometry-based techniques to discover unusual (or lesser studied) post-translational modifications in bacteria. We're stoked to have him here in Princeton, and look forward to what we can accomplish together!

Dr. Xinlei Sheng graduates with his PhD!

June 3, 2021
Xinlei's final public oral was titled "Investigating the function of human sirtuin 3 in regulating mitochondrial morphology and function during viral infection", and friends and colleagues from all over the world tuned in via Zoom to see his beautiful talk! We are particularly thrilled that the talented Dr. Xinlei has chosen to stay as a post-doctoral scientist in our lab, as it is difficult to imagine our lab family... Read more about Dr. Xinlei Sheng graduates with his PhD!

Katelyn officially launches a website for our Molecular Biology Outreach Program (MBOP)

May 21, 2021
Starting from scratch, Katelyn worked to build an online platform geared towards communicating science and building relationships between Princeton scientists and the greater New Jersey communities. The site includes an event calendar, fun bios highlighting the unique perspectives of our MBOP volunteers, and public discussion forums. You can check it out here: Read more about Katelyn officially launches a website for our Molecular Biology Outreach Program (MBOP)