Lab News

November 13, 2017

November 2017: Bryan's paper, "Transendocytosis of planar cell polarity complexes during cell division" is published in Current Biology.

August 2017: Maureen and Lilia's paper, "Planar cell polarity-dependent and independent functions in the emergence of tissue-scale hair follicle patterns." is published in Developmental Biology.

May 2017: Congratulations to Dr. Rezma Shrestha who sucessfully defended her PhD!

Lena Basta joins as a graduate student. Welcome!

March 2017: Sara Stahley is awarded an NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowhip from the NIH/NIAMS. Congrats, Sara!

August 2016: Wen's paper, "Transient Tissue-Scale Deformation Coordinates Alignment of Planar Cell Polarity Junctions in the Mammalian Skin." is published in Current Biology.

May 2016: Sara Stahley from Emory University joins the Devenport Lab as postdoctoral researcher, and Lilia Leybova joins as a graduate student. Welcome!

Congratulations to Colby and Yun, who both graduated in the Princeton class of 2016. Best of luck to both of you aspiring doctors!

December 2015: We welcome three new undergraduate students to the lab! Jorge and Narlyn are both juniors who will be completing their senior thesis work with us, and freshman Brooke will be helping us out while learning more about our ongoing projects.

October 2015: Danelle is awarded an American Cancer Society Research Scholar Award.

July 2015: Maureen Cetera from the University of Chicago joins the Devenport lab as postdoctoral researcher. Welcome Mo!

Elisabeth Juliet Little is born!! Welcome to the world baby Little. Congratulations to Katie and Jim.

Kacie joins the graduate program at Stanford Medical School. Best of luck, KC! We will miss you!

May 2015: Frank Woo and Kacie Farrell graduate. Congratulations!

Frank receives a Molecular Biology Thesis Award for his work in the lab.

Rezma's paper, "Mitotic Control of Planar Cell Polarity by Polo-like Kinase 1" is published in Developmental Cell, is highlighted by John Wallingford, and is featured in Science Signaling.

Wen has been awarded a predoctoral fellowship from the American Heart Association.

April 2015: Congratulations and bon voyage to Clay, who has accepted a job as Advanced Imaging Specialist at Nikon. We wish you the best!

January 2015: Welcome to the lab, Colby and Yun!

CONGRATULATIONS to Kim upon passing her graduate general exam!!!

August 2014: Danelle is awarded a Vallee Young Investigator Award.

July 2014: Halley has just graduated with her PhD! Congratulations, Dr. Oyer!!!

June 2014: Welcome to Kim and Frank, who have just joined the lab! And congratulations to Breanna, who has just graduated—best of luck in all your future endeavors!

April 2014: Bryan has been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!

March 2014: Danelle has been awarded a 2014 Innovation Award!

January 2014: CONGRATULATIONS to Bryan, who just passed his PhD-qualifying general exam!

Sep 2013: The school year has begun, and we welcome rotation student, Kim!

July 2013: This summer, we are glad to have Princeton undergraduates Breanna McMahon (senior thesis student) and Kacie Farrell, and Univ of Texas - El Paso undergraduate Irving Miramontes, who are all participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research Program.

June 2013: We are excited to have graduate student Bryan join the lab! Also congratulations to our senior thesis student Joseph, who has graduated in the Princeton Class of 2013!

May 2013: Danelle was invited to attend and speak at the Gordon Research Conference on Epithelial Differentiation & Keratinization, held May 12-17 in Barga, Italy.

April 2013: Danelle was named a 2013 Searle Scholar! She also was invited to attend and speak at the Planar Cell Polarity conference, held April 14-17 at Janelia Farm Research Campus.

March 2013: Welcome to graduate rotation students Joel and Allison!

January 2013: Welcome to Brad, our new postdoc! And a big *CONGRATULATIONS* to Wen and Rezma for passing their general exams!

December 2012: Welcome to the lab, graduate rotation student, Hendia!

October 2012: Clay, Wen and Rezma all presented posters at the Mol Bio Department's annual retreat, held Oct 5-6. Great job, guys!

September 2012: Welcome to graduate rotation student, Bryan!

July 2012: Welcome to our first postdoc, Clay! Welcome also to MD/PhD rotation students Jeremy and Alice, and high school student, Aashna! The lab is getting full now! :D

June 2012: Welcome to the lab, Wen and Rezma, our first two graduate students! Welcome also to Halley, who is joining us as a senior graduate student.

May 2012: Our first Princeton undergraduate senior thesis student, Joseph, has joined the lab! Welcome!

March 2012: Welcome to graduate rotation student, Wenyang!

December 2011: Welcome to Wen and Rezma, our first graduate rotation students!

November 2011: Our first big equipment order arrives!

October 2011: Katie Bradbury, Lab Manager and Research Specialist, becomes the first member of the Devenport lab. Welcome, Katie!

September 2011: Danelle joins the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton as Assistant Professor.