Bureaucratic Structure of Trade Policymaking (2017)

Original cross-national time-series dataset that assesses the institutional design of trade policymaking for a sample of 135 countries and the European Union over the period 1995 - 2018. This is a novel measure that quantifies the bureaucratic structure of domestic trade institutions, using WTO monitoring reports. I operationalize bureaucratic structure by creating an index of institutional fragmentation and density that quantifies how countries choose to split their trade policy portfolio. This framework allows meaningful cross-national and temporal comparison.

Economic Statecraft Coordination (2018, with Christina Davis & Yon Soo Park)

How do countries balance the tradeoffs between diplomacy and economic policy? Does trade policy occur within the same ministry as foreign affairs? In this original cross-national time-series dataset we quantify which countries manage foreign economic policy and foreign affairs jointly, and which countries manage foreign economic policy jointly with domestic industrial policy. The data covers all WTO countries for the period 1995 - 2018.   

Amakudata: a New Dataset of Revolving Door Hires (2020, with Trevor Incerti, Sayumi Miyano, and Hikaru Yamagishi)

Amakudata uses Japanese government records of civil servant reemployment to create a dataset of personnel movements of civil servants to the private sector over the period 2009 -- 2019.