Welcome to my website!

My academic biography, in brief: I am a member of the Classics Department at Princeton and study the philosophy of Plato. I particularly approach Plato's dialogues with an eye towards how we can draw on our understanding of Greek history and culture to better interpret his thought. 

I previously studied at the University of Arizona (M.A., 2013) and Stanford University (B.A., 2011). I participated in the American School of Classical Studies at Athens Summer Session in 2015 and have participated in the Princeton-Greece Classical Philosophy Reading Group since 2014.

You can find my CV as well as more information about my research interests and teaching experience by clicking on the links above. At the right, I've posted a current project, still in progress: a digital map of "Socratic Places," viz., the settings of the dialogues and other locations referenced in the dialogues. A bigger map (and a key) is available by clicking on the "Socratic Places" link in the menu.

last updated October 2018