I have had the opportunity to teach a number of courses in Philosophy and Classics Departments:

As Instructor of Record, at the University of Arizona:

  • LAT 112A (Fall 2012) and LAT 112B (Spring 2013): Accelerated Beginning Latin I and II
  • LAT 112 (Summer 2012): Intensive Beginning Latin
  • LAT 101 (Fall 2011) and LAT 102 (Spring 2012): Elementary Latin I and II

As a Teaching Assistant, at Princeton University:

  • CLA 255: Conceptions of Evil (Spring 2016, with C. Wildberg)
  • PHI 205: Introduction to Ancient Philosophy (Fall 2015, with H. Lorenz)

As a Teaching Assistant, in the Education Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford University:

  • Topics in Philosophy: Ethics (Summer 2011, with R. Steel)
  • Topics in Philosophy: Metaphysics and Epistemology (Summer 2011, with D. Wishon)