I am currently a Ph.D. student in philosophy at Princeton University. After graduating from the undergraduate philosophy program at Princeton in 2015, I returned to my hometown of Washington, D.C. to work at an education innovation non-profit. Since joining Princeton's philosophy Ph.D. program in 2016, I have specialized in ethics. My current research project concerns the ethics of pride and patriotism. I also work on issues in bioethics and AI ethics, particularly questions related to moral responsibility and injustice. I recently co-authored an article for the Boston Review titled "Technology Can't Fix Algorithmic Injustice," which won The Hastings Center David Roscoe Award for an essay on science, ethics, and society. In the article, we advocate for a democratic approach to the deployment of artificial intelligence technology. For the past three years, I have served as the first-ever graduate student board member on Princeton's Institutional Review Board (IRB), the research ethics board responsible for overseeing the ethics of human subjects research at Princeton. 

You can find an updated version of my CV here.