DNA-binding properties of an adenovirus 289R E1A protein.


Chatterjee, PK, et al. “DNA-binding properties of an adenovirus 289R E1A protein.”. EMBO J 73 (1988): , 7, 3, 835-41. Print.

Date Published:

1988 Mar




An adenovirus 2 289 amino acid (289R) E1A protein purified from Escherichia coli has been shown to interact with DNA by two independent methods. UV-crosslinking of complexes containing unmodified, uniformly 32P-labelled DNA and purified E1A protein induced efficient labelling of the protein with covalently attached oligonucleotides, indicating that the E1A protein itself contacts DNA. Discrete nucleoprotein species were also observed when E1A protein--DNA complexes were analysed by gel electrophoresis. Although the 289R E1A protein exhibited no significant binding to single-stranded DNA or to RNA, no evidence for its sequence-specific binding to double-stranded DNA was obtained with either assay. Identification of the sites of covalent attachment of 32P-labelled oligonucleotides by partial proteolysis of the crosslinked E1A protein indicated that the interaction of this protein with DNA is mediated via domain(s) in the C-terminal half of the protein. Such previously unrecognized DNA-binding activity is likely to contribute to the regulatory activities of this important adenoviral protein.

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