PhD (with distinction), Yale 2017
MPhil, Yale 2014
MA, Yale 2013
BA, European University Viadrina 2010
My primary fields of study are German & comparative literature and media studies, with a secondary focus in art history, philosophy, the history of ideas, and the history of science. I work on material from the 16th to the 21st century.
I completed my PhD in 2017 with distinction in the German Department at Yale University, and spent the year 2013/2014 as a fellow in the "Technologies of Knowledge" program for the integrated humanities funded by the Mellon Foundation. 2017/2018 I was a Lector of Germanic Languages and Literatures at Yale University, and since Fall 2018 I am a Lecturer in German at Princeton University. I will be a Lecturer in Comparative Literature at Princeton beginning in Fall 2019.
Among other projects, I am currently in the process of preparing the book publication of my dissertation "Inheriting Ars Topica: Short Narrative Forms and the Practice of Modern Life", as well as co-editing and co-translating "The Hans Blumenberg Reader", forthcoming with Cornell University Press.
new courses taught:
at Princeton
ECS 378 / GER 378 / ENV 378     Nature vs. Culture: A European Problem (Spring 2019 / Spring 2020)
COM 343 / ENG 243 / GER 343       Storytelling as Self Defense: Political Novellas (Fall 2019)
ECS 301 / EPS 301    Turning Points in European Culture (co-taught with Eileen Reeves) (Fall 2019)
ARC 302 / ART    Architecture and the Visual Arts: Architectures of Transit (Spring 2020)
at Yale
LITR 427 / FILM 358 / GMAN 369    Image and Text: The Double of Interpretation (co-taught with Rüdiger Campe) (Spring 2016)
GMAN 177    Intro to German Film and Literature: Questions of the State (Fall 2017)
GMAN 173    Intro to German Lyric Poetry: Precarious Nature (Spring 2018)
at Viadrina
B.A. LIT    Literatur und Kleine Form: Anekdote, Fabel, Kalendergeschichte, Novelle, Fall (Spring 2015)