Lecturer, Comparative Literature

Daniel Hoffman-Schwartz is a Lecturer in the department of Comparative Literature. His research focuses on how literature interacts with philosophy and politics, with an emphasis on Romantic and post-Romantic literature. Other interests include 20th and 21st century continental thought, translation and media, secularization and political theology. Daniel received his PhD in Comparative Literature from NYU in 2012. Upon completing his doctorate, Daniel was a Visiting Lecturer for two years in the Humanities Program at Boğazici University in Istanbul. He is the co-editor of Flirtations: Rhetoric and Aesthetics this Side of Seduction (Fordham, 2015) and editor of Handsomely Done: Aesthetics, Politics, and Media after Melville (Northwestern, 2019). He is also one of the editors of the online forum Syndicate Lit. Published or forthcoming writings include work on: Wordsworth, Edmund Burke and Novalis, Derrida and Lucretius, Derrida and Heidegger, Percy Shelley and Breaking Bad, Melville and Claire Denis, as well as Martin Luther, Billy Wilder, and Jean-Luc Nancy. Daniel is currently completing his first monograph "Infinite Reflection on the Revolution in France: Political Romanticism, Rhetoric, Translation."