Bioethics and Public Policy
A Freshman Seminar
Spring 2018

Bioethics is a branch of applied ethics focused on the study of ethical issues that arise over time by the on-going advances in the biological and medical sciences and/or by new sensitivities to one’s ethical obligations. The seminar will be focused on the relationship between selected issues in bioethics and their implications, if any, for the design of public policies in this arena. Some bioethical issues may be thought of as purely private matters, others may be best dealt with by professional codes of ethics, still others may require a response from public policy, and finally some may be dealt with through the judicial system. This seminar will focus primarily on areas in bioethics that seem to have salience for public policy. Read more...


Science, Technology and Public Policy
A Proposed Freshman Seminar
Fall 2017

The overall objective of this seminar is to understand and assess how American scientists and U.S. science policy have served the interests of the nation, the U.S. Government and the scientific community. Moreover where appropriate we will discuss the ethical issues that often arise in these contexts. Read more...