"Ethical Considerations in Research on Human Subjects: A Time For Change… Again"
Research using human subjects will continue to play an important role as part of a great humanitarian effort to understand ourselves better and to relieve distress and disease. To use human beings as subjects in medical experiments – or any type of research – is a special privilege which carries with it special ethical responsibilities.
The Sixth Annual Raymond Waggoner Lecture
The University of Michigan
December 5, 2001

"Science, Anxiety and Meaning: Giving Moral Shape to Our National Life"
Keynote Address
Academic Convocation
Texas A&M
October 4, 2001

"Professional Education and the Soul of the American Research University"
Presented at the University of Michigan School of Social Work’s 80th Anniversary Symposium.
Ann Arbor, Michigan
September 21, 2001

"The Very Old, the Nearly New and the Really New: ‘To Bt or not to Bt’"
Lyon, France
February, 2001

"Moral Anxiety: The Interface Between Biomedicine, Public Policy and Ethics"
"It is difficult to enough to understand who we humans really are let alone who we might, or should, become."
Martin Memorial Lecture
American College of Surgeons
Chicago, Illinois
October 26, 2000