POL 585: Graduate Seminar on International Political Economy





This course is an advanced graduate colloquium on international political
economy. It focuses on the key issues in international political economy, such as trade,
monetary policy, foreign investment, globalization, development, foreign aid, and
international institutions and cooperation.

This course will be run as a discussion group in which everyone is expected to
participate. In addition to the weekly readings, each student must write a short paper
(about 3‐5 pages) every other week, comparing and criticizing the readings (a total of 4
of these papers). Papers are due no later than Monday 5pm, and we will discuss them
in class. They should be emailed to the entire class. Each student is also responsible for
presenting one of the readings in class each session. Students can either complete a
take‐home exam at the end of the term. Or they can write a research paper (about 30‐
40 pages) on some original research question in lieu of the final. The final (or paper) will
count for 50% of your grade; the rest of the grade will be based upon class participation
and the short papers.

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