The Globalization Backlash: Exploring New Perspectives


Mansfield, Edward D, Helen V Milner, and Nita Rudra. 2021. “The Globalization Backlash: Exploring New Perspectives”. Comparative Political Studies 54 (13) : 2267-2285.


Rising popular discontent with globalization in Europe and the United States has occurred alongside increasing support for extreme right-wing parties, protectionism, and anti-immigrant views. This globalization backlash seems to be contributing to economic globalization’s abatement, especially with respect to trade but increasingly foreign investment, immigration, and participation in international institutions as well. What are the key forces driving these recent events and what are their broader political and institutional consequences? This special issue aims to provide an understanding of some central features of the anti-globalization furor. The studies in this special issue provide fresh insights into the economic factors contributing to the backlash while also addressing how they might interact with cultural forces. It concludes with a discussion of why the globalization backlash has not diffused widely to the developing world.

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Last updated on 09/28/2021