Cementation of Colloidal Particles on Electrodes in a Galvanic Microreactor


Jan, L. ; Punckt, C. ; Aksay, I. A. Cementation of Colloidal Particles on Electrodes in a Galvanic Microreactor. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2013, 5 6346-6353.

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We have studied the processes leading to the cementation of colloidal particles during their autonomous assembly on corroding copper electrodes within a Cu-Au galvanic rnicroreactor. We determined the onset of particle immobilization through particle tracking, monitored the dissolution of copper as well as the deposition of insoluble products of the corrosion reactions in situ, and showed that particle immobilization initiated after reaction products (RPs) began to deposit on the electrode substrate. We further demonstrated that the time and the extent of RP precipitation and thus the strength of the particle-substrate bond could be tuned by varying the amount of copper in the system and the microreactor pH. The ability to cement colloidal particles at locations undergoing corrosion illustrates that the studied colloidal assembly approach holds potential for applications in dynamic material property adaptation.