Consolidation behavior of flocculated alumina suspensions


Bergstrom, L. ; Schilling, C. H. ; Aksay, I. A. Consolidation behavior of flocculated alumina suspensions. Journal of the American Ceramic Society 1992, 75, 3305-3314.

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The consolidation behavior of flocculated alumina suspensions has been analyzed as a function of the interparticle energy. Consolidation was performed by a centrifugal force field or by gravity, and both the time-dependent and equilibrium density profiles were measured by a gamma-ray absorption technique. The interparticle energy at contact was controlled by adsorbing fatty acids of varying molecular weight at the alumina/decalin interface. We found that strongly attractive interactions result in a particle network which resists consolidation and shows compressible behavior over a large stress range. The most weakly flocculated suspension showed an essentially incompressible, homogeneous density profile after consolidation at different centrifugal speeds. We also found a significant variation in the maximum volume fraction, phi(m), obtained, with phi(m) almost-equal-to 0.54 for the most strongly flocculated suspension to phi(m) almost-equal-to 0.63 for the most weakly flocculated suspension. The compressive yield stresses show a behavior which can be fitted to a modified power law. In this paper, we discuss possible correlations between the fitting parameters and physical properties of the flocculated suspensions.

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