Electrohydrodynamically formed structures of carbonaceous material


Aksay, I. A. ; Alain-Rizzo, V. ; Bozlar, M. ; Bozym, D. J. ; Dabbs, D. M. ; Szamreta, N. ; Ustundag, C. B. Electrohydrodynamically formed structures of carbonaceous material, Forthcoming. WO Patent WO 2017165407.



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A method for the electrohydrodynamic deposition of carbonaceous materials utilizing an electrohydrodynamic cell comprising two electrodes comprised of a conductive material, by first combining a solid phase comprising a carbonaceous material and a suspension medium, placing the suspension between the electrodes, applying an electric field in a first direction, varying the intensity of the electric field sufficiently to drive lateral movement, increasing the electric field to stop the lateral transport and fix the layers in place, then removing the applied field and removing the electrodes. Among the many different possibilities contemplated, the method may advantageously utilize: varying the spacing between the electrodes; removing the buildup from one or both electrodes; placing the electrodes into different suspensions; adjusting the concentration, pH, or temperature of the suspension(s); and varying the direction, intensity or duration of the electric fields.

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International filing date: March 3, 2017

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